Pediatric Managers Group

Annual member dues are $35.

In 2002, the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics approached pediatric practice managers to form a professional networking and education association.  This group became the Pediatric Managers Group (PMG) of the Utah Chapter.
The PMG is led by volunteers who meet to discuss the business of the group and plan the educational programs.  The PMG works closely with the Utah Chapter on issues relevant to pediatric practices.  Membership is open to all practice managers, administrators, nurse supervisors, coding specialists and others interested in running a smooth, successful practice.

What are the benefits of this group?

Practice Managers

  • Increased knowledge.
  • Increased ability to network.
  • Professional support from colleagues who understand the day-to-day challenges.
  • Job satisfaction through development.
  • Timely information.

Practicing Pediatrician

  • Better-educated, supported and knowledgeable practice manager.
  • Improved ability to keep informed of pediatric-specific practice issues on a timely basis.
  • Ability to participate in surveys and receive information/results back.
  • Opportunity to improve overall staff competency.

Purpose of Pediatric Practice Managers Group

  • To promote expertise and efficiencies in the pediatric offices and to foster educational and professional development in health-related and management fields for those who manage pediatric practices.


Annual Meeting

Members attend free-of-charge a half-day Pediatric Managers Session held in conjunction with the Common Problems in Pediatrics Conference. This conference is scheduled in June and held in Salt Lake City, Utah. A meeting brochure/registration material will be forwarded to you.

Spring & Fall Meetings

In addition to the annual meeting, a spring and fall meeting are held each year.  These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other practice managers facing similar issues and challenges, as well as exchange ideas and obtain current updates.

Topics presented at past meetings include

  • Coding & Reimbursement
  • Customer Service Strategies
  • Tips for Improving Employee Management
  • Utah Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality Project
  • Materials Management
  • Synagis and FluMist
  • Office Management Policies and Procedures
  • Immunization Storage, Expense and Updates
  • What Makes a Manager Great
  • Successfully Marketing Your Practice
  • USISS: How to incorporate it into your office and tips for better use
  • Protecting Practices from Identity Theft
  • Partnerships for Quality: The Manager’s Role in UPIQ
  • Overcoming Obstacles in Immunizing Children
  • Creating a Superior Hiring Experience
  • EHR Meaningful Use & Securing Incentive Payments
  • Proctor Care in Utah
  • Social Media 101
  • Understanding Doctors Better
  • Inspiring Your Team to Greatness

PMG Membership

Annual dues are $35.

Click the link below to register and pay your dues.  If you’d rather pay by phone contact National AAP Customer Service at 866.843.2271. Individuals who do not have an AAP shopping account will be asked to create a new account. Once that step has been completed, you select the membership dues payment type and check out.

If you prefer sending a check payable to UTAAP upon submission you may do so. Mail to: Utah Chapter AAP, 747 E. South Temple, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Alisa Stoddard, Executive Director, or (801) 968-3411.