Marty Palmer Service to Children Award

The Intermountain Pediatric Society/UTAAP established the Service to Children Award in 1989.  The award was later re-named for William Martin (Marty) Palmer, MD, one of Utah’s most beloved and respected pediatricians. This award recognizes individuals who have rendered outstanding service to improve the health and welfare of Utah children.  It is the highest honor bestowed by the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

1989 – L. George Veasy, MD
1990 – Stanley R. Child, MD
1991 – Thomas J. Metcalf, MD
1992 – Agnes M. Plenk, Ph.D., The Children’s Center
1993 – August L. Jung, MD, and William M. Palmer, MD
1994 – Utah State Representative Beverly Evans, & Utah State Senator Robert Montgomery
1995 – Dale G. Johnson, MD
1996 – George H. Durham, MD
1997 – David Folland, MD, and Betsy Folland
1998 – Marvin Rallison, MD
1999 – Lucy Osborn, MD
2000 – Thales Smith, MD
2001 – Roz McGee, Utah Children


2002 – Homer R. Rich, MD
2003 – Joseph Newton, MD
2004 – Joel Thompson, MD
2005 – Vera (Fan) Tait, MD

2006 – Richard Siegler, MD
2007 – Linda Book, MD
2009 – David Okubo, MD
2010 – Marion (Jack) Walker, MD
2011 – Paul Young, MD
2012 – Robert Terashima, MD
2013 – Gordon Glade, MD, and Chuck Norlin, MD
2014 – John Carey, MD
2015 – Edward Clark, MD
2016 – Ross Hightower, MD
2017 – William Cosgrove, MD
2018 – Karen Buchi, MD
2019 – Stephen Minton, MD


Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded by the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to honor a pediatrician for significant contributions in the field of pediatrics and lifelong service in the community.

In no particular order:
Stephen Minton, MD
Robert Ward, MD
Moreno Robins, MD
Jack Dolcourt, MD, MEd
Doug Hacking, MD
Harry Hill, MD
Cathy Oyler
John C. Carey

Robert Bolte, MD, Howard Corneli, MD, Paul Swensen, MD