Officers and Committees

Utah Chapter AAP Officers & Executive Director

Ellie Browstein, MD, FAAP

Antoinette Laskey, MD, MPH, MBA, FAAP

Immediate Past President 
Jennifer Brinton, MD, FAAP


Kris Campbell, MD, FAAP

North – Pamela Hildebrand, MD, FAAP
South – Benjamin Dowse, MD, FAAP

Intermountain – Neal Davis, MD, FAAP
University of Utah – Quang-Tuyen Nguyen, MD, FAAP


Executive Director
Alisa Stoddard

National AAP Committee Members

Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Nanette Dudley, MD
Office: 801/587-7439
Office: 801/587-7450

Substance Use and Prevention
Jennifer Plumb, MD
Office: 801/587-7450

Committee on Child Health Financing
Angelo Giardino, MD

CATCH – Community Access to Child Health District VIII Facilitator
Elizabeth Smith, MD
Office: 801/581-2205

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics: Executive Committee
Robert Ward, MD

Pediatric Research
Michael Dean, MD
Office: 801/581-5271

Critical Care: Executive Committee
Eliotte Hirshberg, MD

Neurological Surgery: Executive Committee
Doug Brockmeyer, MD

Child Abuse & Neglect
Antoinette Laskey, MD, MPH
Office: 801/662-3605

Neurology: Executive Committee
Carey Wilson, MD

Child Abuse and Neglect: Executive Committee
Brooks Keeshin, MD

Utah Chapter Champions & Special Areas

Resident & Executive Committee Chair
Jennifer Brinton, MD

Adolescent Health
Joni Hemond, MD
Office: 801/468-3278

Adolescent Addiction
Jennifer Plumb, MD
Office: 801/587-7450

Asthma Care & Medical Home
Michael Johnson, MD
Office: 801/587-7450

Breastfeeding Coordinator
Allison Judkins, MD
Office: 801/

Child Advocacy
Charles Pruitt, MD
Office: 801/587-7450

Child Abuse Prevention

Child Exposure to Family Violence
Kathy Franchek-Roa, MD
Office: 801/585-5790

Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Charles Pruitt, MD
Office: 801/587-7450

Childhood Obesity
Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD
Office: 801/585-6334

Mark Templeman, MD
Office: 801/507-1850

Childhood Toxic Stress

Children With Special Health Care Needs

CME Pediatric Partnership
Alisa Stoddard, Executive Director
Office: 801/968-3411

Common Problems in Pediatrics Conference
Ellie Brownstein, MD
Office: 801/213-9400

Kris Campbell, MD

Erin Avondet, MD

Lulu Waterhouse, MD

Community Access to Health Care (CATCH)
Bhanu Muniyappa, MD
Office: 801/581-2205

Karyn Parsons, MD
Office: 435/655-0926

Community Involvement
Chuck Pruitt, MD
Office: 801/587-7450

Paul Wirkus, MD
Office: 801/747-8700

Culture & Ethnic Diversity
Cristina Lau, MD
Office: 801/479-0179

Early Childhood
William E. Cosgrove, MD
Office: 801/747-8700

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention
Pari Mashkuri, MD
Office: 801/563-1975

Kristen Ameel, MD
Office: 801/213-3599

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
Hilary Hewes, MD
Office: 801/587-7456

Environmental Health
Lou Borgenicht, MD
Office: 801/531-8689

Michelle Hofmann, MD
Office: 801/662-3645

Foster Care
Joseph G. Cramer, MD
Office: 801/448-4635

Health Advocacy
Mark Valentine, MD
Office: 801/501-2150

Healthcare Access
Justin Alvey, MD
Office: 801/587-1146

Healthcare Delivery

William E. Cosgrove, MD
Office: 801/747-8700

Injury Prevention/SAFE Kids Utah
Danielle Smith, MD
Office: 801/587-7450

International Child Health
Bob Bolte, MD
Office: 801/587-7452

Legislative, State & Federal
William Cosgrove, MD
Office: 801/ 747-8700

Medical Home
Chuck Norlin, MD
Office: 801/587-9978

Medical Student Representative
Luke Garcia

Kris Cambell, MD

Mental Healthcare Advocacy
Kristi Kleinschmit, MD
Lou Allen, MD

Alisa Stoddard, Executive Director
Office: 801/968-3411

Oral Health
Boyd Simkins, DDS
Office: 801/782-3920

Pediatric Practice Managers Group
Ileana Ruiz, President
Carolyn Kolberg, Committee Chair
Alisa Stoddard, Executive Director
Office: 801/968-3411

Research in Office Settings (PROS)
Ryan Wilcox, MD
Office: 801/756-5290

Public/Media Relations
Ellie Brownstein, MD
Office: 801/213-9400

Antoinette Laskey, MD, MPH, MBA, FAAP

Physicians Against Secondhand Smoke (PASS)
Chris Miller, MD
Office: 801/662-3645

Resident Representative
Rachel Levy, MD

School Health
Kerry Whittemore, MD
Office:  801/213-8841

Senior Representative

Sexual and Gender Minority Health
Adam Dell, MD
Office: 801/213-4128

U School of Medicine/Pediatric Department
Angelo Giardino, MD, Department Chair

Utah Medical Association Pediatric Representative
Jennifer Brinton, MD
Office: 801/487-6933

Utah Pediatric Council
Toby Cox, MD
Office: 801/254-9700

Utah Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality Director
Diane Liu, MD
Office: 801/587-2158

Virtual Curbside Podcast
Paul Wirkus, MD

Voices For Utah Children
Renee Hunter, MD

Young Physician Representative
Erin Avondet, MD